Celebrate Love This Lunar New Year

Here's your second chance to get the new year started off the right way.

By Hatty Lee Feb 03, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year! Today marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit (according to the Chinese zodiac) or Year of the Cat (if you follow the Vietnamese zodiac calendar). The prediction is a year full of resilience, determination and strength. So hope the new year is filled with good blessings. Around the world, people are celebrating in their own unique, cultural traditions. But each one involves food, family, money and well wishes. Here is a look at what Lunar New Year means to folks around the world:

(Photo: Creative Commons/pink0901)
Austin, TX. (Photo: Creative Commons/rootneg2)
NYC, Chinatown (Photo: Creative Commons/canopic)
Incense burning at a temple in Vietnam. Photo: Creative Commons)
New Year’s wishes, South Korea. (Photo: Creative Commons/annamatic3000)

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