A member of Jeremy Lin’s family contacted the former ESPN writer who wrote the infamous "Chink in the Armor" headline so the pair could connect.

Newsday.com has more details about the meeting:

Lin met with Anthony Federico, a 28-year-old Connecticut man, during a Knicks off-day. According to Federico, the two discussed their shared Christian faith and Lin’s knee injury. Federico wrote an offensive headline that appeared on ESPN’s mobile site for 35 minutes in the early-morning hours of Feb. 19.

"It went incredible," Federico said. "I’m just so excited we had a chance to meet. We talked for an hour. I’m just so thankful."

A Knicks spokesman said on Wednesday that Lin did not wish to publicly discuss the meeting. Calls to Lin’s agent were not returned. Lin, who missed Monday’s game and will not play on Wednesday night because of a sore left knee, was not on the court during Wednesday morning’s shootaround.

Federico apologized after he was fired and called the headline "an honest mistake." At the time, Lin said he accepted the apology and added, "You have to learn to forgive."

"We talked more about matters of faith [and] reconciliation. We talked about our shared Christian values and what we’re both trying do with this situation . . . We didn’t talk about the headline for more than three minutes."