Caller Hangs Up On Dr. Laura’s Apology

Talk show host's apology falls on deaf ears.

By Naima Ramos-Chapman Aug 20, 2010

The caller-turned-target of Dr. Laura’s n-word filled rant told CNN she refused to accept an apology from the talk show host, claiming that the only reason Dr. Laura said she was sorry was because "she got caught."

As reported on Jezebel, Nita Hanson aka "Jade," also explained why the racial epithets weren’t the worst part of the call:

 "It’s more than just the n-word, in that whole conversation she says I shouldn’t marry outside my race." She adds that Schlessinger spoke the way she did because "that’s how she honestly feels." It’s no wonder Hanson doesn’t want to hear more from Schlessinger — she says "there’s nothing she can say to me at this point."

On August 10, Dr. Laura unloaded the the racial epithet a total of 11 times in five minutes. Her rationale? If black folks can use it, why can’t whites? Shortly after the dust-up, she acknowledged she shouldn’t have used the word but decided to go out with her chest puffed out on Larry King Live to explain she’s quitting her show in order to "save her first amendment rights."

As Jamilah King reported yesterday, Sarah Palin tweeted in support of Dr. Laura’s decision to regain whatever rights she thinks were lost, advising her: "Don’t Retreat…Reload."

Maybe Dr. Laura should read her first amendment rights more carefully. After all, it wasn’t the Constitution that drove her out the door. It was money.