Calle 13 Teams Up with Julian Assange on ‘Multi_Viral’

The Puerto Rican group rails against government spying on their new track.

By Von Diaz Nov 14, 2013

Puerto Rican rappers/rockers Calle 13 continue their fierce criticism of government systems and oppression in their latest track "Multi_Viral," a collaboration with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. Assange, who remains a controversial figure, seems to be making a habit of teaming up with hyper-political artists, recently giving the intro at M.I.A.’s New York City concert. The track, which also features Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and Palestinian artist Kamilya Jurban, broadly connects NSA spying with racism, environmental justice, government accountability and militarism. You can download the track for free on Remezcla.