Call to Action: Stay The Line!!

By Adrienne Maree Brown Nov 04, 2008

Situation: There are tons of election issues happening and being documented across the country. (866 Our Vote had 30,000 calls before 1pm, and the various War Room listserve spaces we’re in are buzzing with reports.) The main issues are broken or missing machines (now where did I leave that damn machine?), extremely long lines (some at polling places that never opened) and folks finding that their names aren’t on the list. Negative Effect: Folks are leaving the lines because they can’t wait any longer for issue to be resolved. Our Objective: Keep folks in those lines until they get to vote! The Action You Can Take Now: – If you are in VA, PA, FL, CO, NY, OH, and MO particularly, look up the polling place closest to you and go out to support folks staying at the polls. Dance for them, sing for them, rap for them, do skits, play road trip games. You are action people, you know how to get folks attention and keep it! Check out our action kit if you need ideas! – If you are not in one of those states but hear about long line problems near you, don’t hesitate to go and do all in your power to help folks stay in line. – If you are not in one of those states and the lines are all good near you, call your friends in problem area states and remind them of their skill for (insert spoken word, rhyming, singing, guitar, backflips, card tricks, etc) that will help folks stay in the line! – Let us know what you do! Some fun resources for this effort: Color of Change – Sign up here, bring chairs and music and Party at the Polls! Fun Things to Do In Line!