California Raids Lead to More Immigrant Arrests; Jealous Brings Youth and Vision to NAACP

By The News Sep 30, 2008

Statewide Immigration Raids in California Result in 1,157 Arrests Federal raids throughout California lead to over 1000 new immigrant arrests. Immigration and Custom Enforcement says raids targeted immigrants ignoring deportation orders, but ICE emphasizes violent crimes in press reports. LA Times Muslim Group Seeks Probe of Anti-Islamic DVD The Council on American-Islamic Relations this week urged the Federal Election Commission to open an investigation into the distribution of an anti-Islamic DVD. The film, "Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West", was distributed in millions of newspapers throughout several key swing states over the past few weeks. Charlotte Observer Post 9/11 Film Explores Racism, Patriotism and Fear in America Cindy Weber, a political science professor at Lancaster University in the UK, recently released a new film entitled "I am an American," that looks at issues such as immigration, patriotism and racial prejudice. Narco News With Lawsuit Resolved, All Eyes on Ohio as Absentee Voting Begins Ohio opened up their polls today in the first day of a thirty-five day early voting period. With voter suppression still very fresh for many communities of color in Ohio, this election is likely to be even more closely watched. CBS News. Obama and the Future of Blacks in America Benjamin Jealous, 35, became the new head of the NAACP this month. "As long as regular folks are suffering and racism is a problem," said Jealous, "there will be a need for the NAACP." With America’s first black candidate vying for the Presidency, what might this mean for the NAACP and race politics? US News and World Report.