California Approaches Health Care Plan; Vote Delayed on Wiretapping

By The News Dec 18, 2007

California Passes Plan to Extend Health Insurance The first phase of a $14.4 billion plan to extend medical insurance to all California residents was passed by the state assembly on Monday. The measure, which will be put into action by 2010, also provides subsidies and tax credits for residents. LA Times. Behavioral Tactics Being Used To Screen Out Terrorists Critics are wary of the new security screening program at U.S International airports called Screening Passengers by Observation Technique (SPOT) fearing that this will enhance racial and ethnic profiling. The process allows federal behavior detection officers to detain flight passengers who seem to be showing abnormal behavior or stress symptoms. Chicago Tribune. Vote on Immunity for Wiretapping Programs Delayed Senate Democrats have put off a vote to decide whether to give legal protection to the phone carriers that helped with the National Security Agency’s eavesdropping program. The Bush administration is pushing for legislation to grant immunity to the phone companies involved in wiretapping. New York Times. Policemen Shot After Raid in Wrong House In Minneapolis, two police officers who wrongfully raided the house of a Hmong man were injured when the man started firing a gun. The Hmong man stated that he started firing shots in fear of gang members having entered the house, and the police said they had received bad information that led them to searching the wrong house. MSNBC.