Located about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Oxnard boasts some of the richest agricultural land in the state and a result, a large number of immigrant farmworkers. Last week the Oxnard School District unanimously passed a resolution prohibiting derogatory terms used by Latinos against indigenous Mexicans.

The district denounced the terms "Oaxaquita," which translates to "little Oaxacan," and "indito," or "little Indian" referring to the indigenous people from Mexico’s Oaxaca state.

A 2008 USDA report estimated that up to 30 percent of California’s farmworkers are from an Indigenous-speaking town or village in Mexico. Local organizers in Ventura County–where Oxnard is located–tell the LA Times there is an estimated 20,000 indigenous Mexicans in the county, many of them Mixtec from the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero.