CA Might Apologize to Chinese Americans, and Other News

By The News Jun 19, 2009

State Considers Official Apology California will decide next week whether or not it will apologize to Chinese Americans for official acts of discrimination such as banning cultural practices and interracial marriages. ACLU Joins Muslim Prisoner Lawsuit The American Civil Liberties Union is joining a lawsuit against the US by Sabri Benkahla who was convicted of perjury after being acquitted of charges that he was aiding the Taliban and is being held in a secretly created special unit housing mostly Muslim prisoners. Ohio Teen Sentenced in Parking Lot Noose Attack The Mount Vernon city court sentenced a white teenager to 10 days in prison after dragging Robert Cantú, a 17-year old Latino teenager, across a parking lot in a noose while screaming out racial slurs. American Indians Defend Border Rights Members of the National Congress of American Indians said that tightening border enforcement compromises their right to "free passage" between the US and Canada under the 1794 Jay Treaty, which granted American Indians the right to free and unrestricted travel between the two countries.