Businesses of Color Still Lack City Support, and Other News

By The News Jul 30, 2009

Local CA Mayor Under Fire San Francisco business owners of color and Latino advocacy groups are reeling over Mayor Gavin Newsom’s proposed plan to move contracting oversight from commission Director Christopher Iglesias to former Police Commission President Theresa Sparks. Local Businesses of Color Say NYC Not Doing Enough A recent city council program dedicated to helping businesses of color get contracts in New York City is not doing enough, say some members of the program committee. The program still doles out contracts to businesses that already have existing political ties rather than including new businesses that also need support. Arpaio Gets No Stimulus Cash The Obama Adminstration will disperse roughly $5.5 million to immigration enforcement in Arizona, but none will be given to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is being investigated for civil rights abuses.