Bush Threatens to Veto Support for Native Americans; Coalition to Fight Idea of Immigrants as Scapegoats

By The News Jan 28, 2008

Black Women Support ‘Sisters’ in the Service Sisterfriends, a women’s book club, is sending care packages to Black military servicewomen in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. The club sends difficult-to-get supplies, like black hair products, to the military service personnel, who make up 30% of the total number of women deployed to those countries supporting the “war on terror.” Baltimore Sun. Vetoing History’s Responsibility Although studies have shown that Native Americans have high rates of “depression, diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” and those living in urban areas are unable to receive the health care they need, Bush has threatened to veto the bipartisan Indian Health Care Improvement Act, currently on the Senate floor. New York Times. Obama Takes Big Risk on Driver’s License Issue Though Obama won the vote in South Carolina, especially successful in capturing the Black vote there, Clinton leads in capturing the California Latino vote. While Clinton, who has the support of the United Farm Workers, is opposed to driver’s licenses for immigrants, Obama, endorsed by UNITE-HERE, has not yet “backed down” from the idea. San Francisco Chronicle. Immigrant Rights Group Reaches Out to Blacks The New York Immigration Coalition, the American Jewish Committee, the Long Island Organizing Network and other organizations have launched the “Truth About Immigration Campaign,” which will recruit Black pastors and activists to help dispel illegitimate negative perceptions regarding immigrants within the Black community. Newsday.com. Wapato’s Elyse Umemoto is Runner-up in Miss America Competition Had 23 year-old Washington state native Elyse Umemoto won the 2008 Miss America pageant, she would have been considered the first Native American, first Hispanic, and second Asian to have been honored with the crown. Kndo.com.