Bush Calls for Immigration Reform; Oscar-Winning Crash Will be Made for TV

By The News Jan 30, 2008

Bush Prods Congress to Pass Immigration Reform This past Monday in his last State of the Union address, Bush argued that, despite having implemented several technologies to curb illegal immigration, the border will never be fully secure until a “lawful way for foreign workers” is established, one that will benefit the U.S. economy. AFP. In Harlem, Backing Up Bill Clinton When Bill Clinton opened up his new office on 125th Street in Harlem, he was greeted by 2,000 people chanting, “We love Bill!” Although residents in the area argue that Mr. Clinton is “pushing the race card as much as he can” in order to support his wife’s campaign efforts, they argue that the focus of the media attention should ultimately revert back to Hillary. New York Times. "Crash" to Hit TV Screens Thirteen one-hour programs based on, Crash, Paul Haggis’ Oscar-winning film that focused on race relations in Los Angeles, will be made for the Starz channel. Crash, the television show, will premiere in August, with the possibility that Don Cheadle, who joined the series’ team, will pick up his original role. BBC. Decision to Shut Down AZN Television a Huge Loss to Asian American Community The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) published a press release expressing their dismay to Comcast’s decision to shut down AZN Television, a cable channel geared towards the Asian and Pacific Islander community. AZN Televison, which the AAJA noted as comparable to Univision for the Latino community and BET for the African-American community, will be shut down in April. PR-USA.net. African American Mag Ad Spending: $600 Million Nielsen recently conducted a 12-month study that altogether companies spent a total of $2.3 billion on ads with African-American media outlets. Magazine ads made up 26.2% of that total, which Nielsen stated showed “a healthy revenue.” Across all media outlets, Proctor and Gamble was found to be the largest advertiser. Folio Magazine. Swastikas Undermine University’s Bid to Heal St. Cloud State University in central Minnesota has spent over $1 million and countless hours in trying to reverse its reputation as a university surrounded by the “White Cloud” town; an environment unfavorable, even hostile to people of color. However, racism still prevails: for six-weeks this past November and December, swastikas and racist images were found throughout the campus grounds. MSNBC.com