Bush announces new wave of immigration enforcement; ‘fear of black men’, a defense

By The News Aug 10, 2007

New immigration enforcement changes to be announced. We saw this coming… Tomorrow, the Bush administration will announce plans to bolster immigration enforcement, the AP says, citing a summary of the plans that a congressional aide provided.The changes include raising fines on employers who hire undocumented workers, overhauling temporary worker programs and deploying border agents faster. USAToday Bollywood movie tackles illegal immigration. No sing song here. It cost around 3.7 million dollars and deals with the lives of people from poor countries seeking their fortunes in the West, said director Amtoj Mann."People from poorer countries seek to migrate for a better future. They do not mind travelling in pathetic conditions, even illegally," Mann said. –Times of India. “Immigration Reform as Pest Control”. Short, strong statement of truths. An editorial in today’s New York Times succinctly and beautifully explains what’s will happen now that the federal government has once again abandoned comprehensive immigration reform and state and local officials have been left to pick up the slack.–Liberadio(!) Racist Republican Rails Against Hindu Prayer in Senate. Sacking in order? A few weeks ago, the Senate invited a Hindu leader to deliver the daily invocation. Apparently, this has sent Idaho’s Bill Sali (R) over the edge.–Alternet Thug-o-phobia: Fear of Black Men as a Criminal Defense. Story keeps getting better and better… Min. Paul Scott: Republican Bob Allen was arrested this July for soliciting sex from an undercover black male cop. The reason he gave was his fear of black men.–Alternet