Burris Drama Proves Politics Far From Post-Racial; Closing the Educational Gap

By The News Jan 12, 2009

California Supreme Court to Hear Immigrant Tuition Case "The court will rule on the validity of a state law that allows undocumented immigrant students at California’s public colleges and universities to pay the same tuition as legal in-state students. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Bush Warns Republicans Against Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Contradictory to a recent last-minute policy change that strips immigrants of their rights to due process when facing deportation, President Bush calls on Republicans to be "open-minded." New York Times. Racial Politics Still Present In light of the recent racial drama playing out within the Democratic Party, with the appointment of Roland Burris to Congress still uncertain and Rep. Bobby Rush’s racially-charged antics causing quite a stir, columnist Dawn Turner Rice argues that United States may want to reconsider race politics as being a thing of the past. Chicago Tribune. A Call To Close the Educational Gap Joel Klein and Rev. Al Sharpton, co-chairmen of the Educational Equality Project, write an open letter to President-elect Barack Obama, urging him and the federal government to make policy reforms that address the ever-widening educational achievement gap between students of color and whites. Wall Street Journal. First-Lady Fashion Choices Show a Diverse Kind of Couture Sociologist Catherine Moran explains how Michelle Obama’s fashion is indicative of a new era in presidential wear, one that is representative of wider ethnic and social classes. Newswise.