Brush-wielding Brooklyn Teen Shot 20 Times; Diwali Gets Official Recognition

By The News Nov 13, 2007

18 Year Old Brooklyn Man Killed By Police Armed with only a hairbrush, an 18-year-old Black young man was fatally shot by five police officers. New York Times. Lawmakers Continue to Struggle With Immigration Bills Last week’s Senate approval of $3 billion dollars for emergency spending on border security has lawmakers scrambling to create new versions of immigration reform bills. With the defeat of the DREAM Act in Congress, it is clear that coming to a consensus is no easy task. CBS News South Asian Festival of Lights Gets Official U.S State Recognition U.S House of Representatives approved a resolution to officially recognize Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, which was celebrated this weekend by America’s burgeoning South Asian community. This is a big step in acknowledging the traditions of minority communities in the United States. USINFO Most Minority Officials Want U.S Out of Iraq A recent national survey of black, Hispanic and Asian-American local elected officials shows that 83% of the largely Democratic group wants the United States out of Iraq. Carol Hardy-Fanta, a co-author of the survey, funded by the Ford Foundation, commented that, "Focusing on white men in politics as the norm doesn’t capture the full picture of governance." USA Today