Bruce Lee Biopic ‘Birth of a Dragon’ Has a Director

By Jamilah King Jun 05, 2014

George Nolfi, whose past credits include directing "The Adjustment Bureau," has signed on to lead a new Bruce Lee biopic called "Birth of a Dragon."

The project is inspired by the true story of Lee’s 1965 Oakland duel with kung fu master Wong Jack Man. The battle was a big part of what built up Lee’s reputation as one of the most popular martial artists in the world. The film has a pretty iffy storyline: It’s told from the perspective of a fictional young disciple named Steve Macklin who joins forces with Lee and Wong to battle a band of Chinatown gangsters.

The premise of this new film is questionable, according to Angry Asian Man:

Do we need another movie about the life of Bruce Lee? Sure. Why not? I’ll always have a soft spot for a little more Bruce hero worship. Though this one can barely be called a "biopic," as it appears to be playing decidedly fast and loose with the details of Lee’s life — it wouldn’t be the first — particularly the part where two kung fu rivals team up to take down the evil Hong Kong Triads. Bruce Lee, crimefighter?


(Angry Asian Man)