Brokers Call East New York ‘The New Frontier’

By Aura Bogado Jul 31, 2014

East New York is home to people of color–less than 4 percent of the population there is white. Many of its residents are also poor: In 2012, more than half of the population was eligible for some kind of public service due to low incomes. But will East New York stay a working class community of color? 

A new listing is interchangeably calling East New York the "New Frontier" and the "Next Frontier," key terms that suggest a neighborhood that’s ripe for change by white residents. For instance, the eight units at 577 New Lots Avenue has been completely gutted and brokers are offering one and two bedroom apartments between $1,100 to $1,500 with no fee–cheap by some New York City standards, but much higher than many other apartments in the neighborhood. The ad, which literally reads, "come claim your LOT," seems to target gentrifiers who are moving further east in search of cheaper housing.

Here are some photos from the New Lots listing:


(h/t Curbed NY)