Brittney Griner Put Haters on Blast This Father’s Day

And so naturally, she put her haters on blast. It was fantastic.

By Jamilah King Jun 17, 2013

All Brittney Griner wanted to do was show her dad some love on Father’s Day. That’s it. But apparently when you’re a proudly gay 6’8" black professional women’s basketball player, even the most ordinary expressions of love invite the most vile demonstrations of hate.

Griner posted a photo on Instagram with her father on Sunday. The message was innocuous enough: "Happy Father’s Day love you daddy". But one user, who apparenly is a regular troll of Griner’s Instagram account, responded "2 men." Griner, who acknowledged in her recent ESPN profile that she regularly reads the messages of love and hate that people leave her on social media, had apparently had enough. So she responded:

you always got something smart to say! Why don’t you try to get a life and stop being a sorry individual that has nothing to do but be a horrible demon! You need to look and [sic] the mirror and se what u are!!! Get a life! So be happy u finally got your fam because I responded! But know u look like an axh though! 🙂 have a good day!

Griner then posted a seperate Instagram photo of the regular doses of Internet hate that she gets every day. See below.