Brits: Not Just Soldiers Hurt by War; Aussies: Immigrants Cause Global Warming

By The News Jul 23, 2008

British city council refuses donation to servicemen Members of the Portsmouth City Council refused to donate the requested £500 to Help the Heroes, a UK-based charity for wounded servicemen. In an official rejection letter, the council stated that it feared offending "ethnic minorities" in the area, "who may also have experience of injury/violence due to the war." Following the ensuing outcry, certain members rescinded their decision.The Telegraph, UK Two-thirds of felony cases from five border towns Since the implementation of Operation Streamline, cases involving illegal immigrants have increased rapidly. Now, five courts (out of the nation’s ninety-four) handle seventy-five percent of criminal cases tried in federal district courts. In an interview with ABC, even Bush-appointed Judge Robert Brack points to the failures of the current Chertoff-implemented system, which often sends back "kids" who have "lived here since they were 2 or 3." ABC News Families of Black WWII soldiers, wrongly convicted, receive apology Last October, an army appeals court overturned the convictions of forty-three black soldiers, who had been accused of rioting and lynching an Italian POW. The case, singularly the longest and largest court marshal in US military history, was brought against the soldiers even though the prosecutor had "ample evidence" to the contrary. Said prosecutor later became a celebrated special guest during the Watergate hearings, while the soldiers suffered blatant mistreatment. Seattle Post-Intelligencer Immigrants cause global warming, says Australian university study Researchers at Monash University have released "Labor’s Greenhouse Aspirations," a report that cites population growth as a major factor in carbon emissions. From there, the authors called for renewed restrictions on immigration, to "stabilize" the population by 2050. The report assumes that all migrants will live at "twice the standard of living, like all Australians." Named after an Australian general, Monash has also opened campuses in South Africa and Malaysia. The Herald-Sun, AU McCain camp accuses media of Obama love In an e-mail to supporters yesterday, the McCain campaign sent out a newly-posted YouTube video that compiled clips of journalists voicing their support for Obama. Calling it a "bizarre fascination" and a "love affair," the clips were accompanied by footage of "swirly red hearts," and 60s music. AFP, Washington