Bringing Human Rights Home

By Jessica Valoris Dec 13, 2006

The RaceWire Beat – 12.13.06 Bringing Human Rights Home December 10 marks International Human Rights Day and events like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo show that it’s time to bring a tradition that respects human rights back home. Are You Racist? Think Twice Before You Answer While most Americans don’t consider themselves biased, an overwhelming majority still see racism as a serious problem in the United States, a new CNN poll finds. Arabs on the Mic Inventive artists with roots in Syria, Palestine, and Iraq ignite the Arab American hip hop movement. Apocalypto: The Cinematic Logic of Genocide The Maya have suffered a modern apocalypse more brutal than anything in Gibson’s sadistic imagination, more brutal than even he would dare bring to the screen. Fear ‘As Bad As After 9/11’ Now Arab Muslims — even those never questioned by the FBI, hassled by the boss or heckled by the jerk in a passing car — feel more vulnerable than ever. The RaceWire Beat is a digest of the day’s top news stories on race and politics collected by the staff at ColorLines magazine.