Bright Eyes’ Border Love

Bright Eyes helps lead the coalition of artist's against Arizona's SB 1070.

By Jorge Rivas Feb 02, 2011

Today’s love goes to bright eyed Conor Oberst for illustrating the effects of our immigration laws through music. Oberst, the frontman of the band Bright Eyes, wrote a ballad called "Coyote Song" about lovers being torn apart by the US/Mexico border:

Loving you is easy
I could do it in my sleep
I dream of you so often it’s like
You never leave

But you’re down below the border
With a nightmare in between
So I’m sending a Coyote
To bring you back to me

Oberst was one of the first singers to join Soundstrike, the coalition of artists boycotting the state of Arizona to protest the passage of SB 1070. He wrote an open letter to artists persuading them join the cause:

"American ideals of democracy and liberty are built on the foundation that all people, regardless of race or country of origin, deserve fair and equal treatment by the government . . . We’ve all seen the power music has to spread messages of solidarity and hope. Please join the Sound Strike Songs project by donating a track and help us . . . enable people to continue to dream.

Proceeds from the song go to Florence Project, a non profit organization that provides free legal help to immigrants in the Arizona detention and deportation system.