For Boyfriends Who Love Doing Makeup

It's pretty sweet to see a man who's not hung up on gender roles.

By Shani O. Hilton Apr 19, 2011

Via The Hairpin, today’s love goes out to an adorable video of Omar and Dezirae, a couple that isn’t afraid to show how much they care about (and trust!) each other.

In the video, a young woman sits patiently while her boyfriend attempts to do her makeup having only observed her applying it herself. And he does a pretty good job, despite making a few unforced errors (using the wrong brushes, mistaking blush for eyeshadow), cracking jokes about them as he goes.

It’s pretty sweet to see a man who’s not hung up on gender roles and is willing to give something new a try just because his significant other asked him to. And if you head to the YouTube page, you’ll see a whole host of similar videos, which is even sweeter.

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