Both Ways Barack: That’s the best they could think of?

By Megan Izen Jul 28, 2008

A conservative political group, Let Freedom Ring, was the first to air a political campaign ad on MTV last week. The ad was an attempt to reach young voters and the message was "Obama is worse than a flip-flopper," he’s "Both Ways Barack." In their attempt to capture the same momentum the Obama campaign has accrued through its innovative methods of garnering support from Millennials, Let Freedom Ring clearly didn’t do their homework. If they had read up, they’d know Millennial politics are more nuanced than previous generations and many of them, in fact, sometimes like it "both ways." For example, Morley Winograd and Michael Hais, authors of Millennial Makeover, say that Millennials are a civic-minded lot who are more supportive of the Iraq War effort but still think we’re on the wrong track.