Border Restrictions Hurt Native Tribes; Oprah Rallies for Obama

By The News Dec 13, 2007

U.S-Mexico Travel Rules Impact Native American Tribes Native peoples who have historically traveled across the southwestern borders into Mexico to visit traditional sites and attend ceremonies, may no longer be allowed to use their tribal enrollment cards to make border crossings. New travel rules requiring U.S. citizens to present government photo ID and proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, will impact tribes. Reuters Oprah’s Rally for Obama Oprah addressed a crowd of 8,000 people to rally in support for Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. In her speech, she said, "We need a president who has a conscience and who knows how to consult his conscience so that he can proceed with moral authority." Financial Times Judge Censured for Offensive Language Judge John Wulle of Clark County was issued a censure order for "demeaning, offensive and shocking" behavior at a training conference in Los Angeles last year. Wulle was charged with using profanity and making obscene gestures, including referring to a facilitator as "the black gay guy" and saying, "I don’t need a star. I’m not a Jew." The Seattle Times Measures to Limit Affirmative Action Head to Ballot in Oklahoma Backers of an anti-affirmative action measure claim to have gathered enough petition signatures to put the referendum to vote in Oklahoma in November 2008. Similar campaigns are occurring in Arizona, Missouri, Nebraska, and New Mexico. The Chronicle for Higher Education