Bobby Jindal for VP?

By Jonathan Adams Apr 25, 2008

Rumors about John McCain’s short list for vice president is becoming more and more colorful. First, Condoleezza Rice was mentioned for the spot, and now Bobby Jindal, Lousiana’s Indian governor, is being tossed around as a good option. H/T to Sepia Mutiny

With respect to the question of whether or not John McCain will tap Louisiana’s Governor Jindal for his VP, I have been quoted on this website as saying, to paraphrase, “when pigs fly in hell.” I just don’t see the strategic value in such an arrangement. Why would Jindal want to give up the best possible job in the world (executive experience in a state which he can only make better…since it can’t possibly get any worse) in order to run with a nominee with tough odds (its forecasted to be a bad year for Republicans)? If he has ambitions he should strategically wait until 2012 or 2016 to act upon them. On the flip side, why would McCain pick someone who is young, intelligent, brown and relatively inexperienced to take over for him if he keels over while in office (he’s kind of old you know)? It undermines the very arguments he will need to make against Obama. But today we saw these pictures as the straight talk express rolled through New Orleans:

But Jindal’s plan to appear on Jay Leno next Monday is only heightening the suspense. Will he announce that he is McCain’s vice president?