Bob Johnson Agrees With Ferraro on Obama; Sean Bell Case in Jury’s Hands

By The News Apr 15, 2008

After Closing Arguments, Jury to Decide Guild in Sean Bell Case The trials of three detectives accused of fatally shooting 23 year old Sean Bell 50 times in Queens, New York, ended Monday, and are now in the hands of the jury. Mayor Bloomberg met with Queens leaders over the weekend to discuss possible fallout from the verdict. New York Times. Bob Johnson: Obama Has ‘Hair-Trigger’ for Race Ironically, the founder of BET, Bob Johnson, who has fought claims that his cable network was by its existence racist, agrees with Geraldine Ferraro that if Barack Obama were white his campaign would not be as successful. Associated Press. Victim’s Community Wants to Change Special Order 40 Father of a rising teen track star slain by gang members, Jamiel Shaw Sr. originally rebuffed claims that Black-Brown conflict in L.A. killed his son. Now, the victim’s father is calling for a change to Special Order 40, a rule that prevents police from probing into an arrested immigrant’s status. Los Angeles Times. A Clear Picture of Homeless Youth A survey of New York’s homeless youth yields the first new estimate of this population in more than two decades. The new report proves the claim that the number of LGBT youth are significantly overrepresented in this population.