Blind Hate

By Jonathan Adams Jan 27, 2009

H/T Jack and Jill Politics In what I can only describe as a Clayton Bigsby moment, Michael Contreras (above), 18, and a group of friends went out after Barack Obama’s win on Nov. 4 to harass Black people. Their lynch mob, armed with a police baton and metal pipe, ended up terrorizing people of all races.

{T}hey attacked a black teenager, pushed another black man, harassed a Hispanic man and, in a finishing flourish, ran over a white man who they thought was black, leaving him in a coma, the authorities said. {NYT]

The men, and one teenager whose record is sealed, were indicted for "conspiracy to interfere with voting rights in their efforts to ‘injure, oppress, threaten and intimidate’ black people on Staten Island on election night." Unlike the character from Dave Chappelle’s hillarious skit, Contreras is not blind, and as far as I can tell, he is definitely not white. Continue for video.
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