Blacks, Latinos, Disappearing From Top High School, and other news

By The News Sep 14, 2009

Black and Latino Numbers Dip At U.S.’ Best High School According to numbers from Fairfax County Public Schools, Thomas Jefferson High School, ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the best high school in the nation, is drastically losing its Black and Latino students. Some educators believe the decline is a sign for greater effort needed to reach underrepresented students at a younger age. Latinos Still Stuck at Higher-Risk Jobs A recent report published by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) reveals that, Latinos, more than any other ethnic group, are more likely to die on the job, a statistic which has not changed for the past 16 years. Over 900 Latinos died from work-related injuries in 2007. Black, Female Reverend Files Racial Profiling Claim In Indiana, a a Black, female pastor claims she was racially profiled after being stopped for an obscure traffic violation by an Indiana State trooper, who she believes "has a problem with Black women".