Black Youth Project Launches New Website

By Terry Keleher Nov 10, 2009

The Black Youth Project launched its new website today to provide a unique platform and hub for Black youth to express themselves, share ideas and access resources. “A lot of black youth have something to say now. We understand now and we want our voices heard now,” says Jonathan Lykes, a 19-year-old Black Youth Project blogger. The new site will include a searchable rap lyrics database, daily blogs by young African Americans who are in their late teens and twenties, the most extensive survey dataset on black youth available to the public, student-centered curriculum on the lives of young black people, a comprehensive archive of news stories in major U.S. newspapers written about black youth, and links and listings on the latest research reports, books, films, organizations and websites focused on black youth. There is also a “Black Youth Create!” page where young African Americans can create and submit performance pieces, poetry, prose, and visual art. According to the Black Youth Project news release, “This first-of-its kind online resource explores the attitudes, actions and decision making of black youth by including their lives, ideas and voices. The purpose of the BYP website is to generate new media information, blogs, art, conversations, webinars, data, research, policies and movements that will expand the human and social capital of young black youth, facilitating their empowerment through highlighting their voices and experiences.” “The Black Youth Project is an unprecedented website that sheds light on a demographic that has for too long been overlooked. It’s the perfect space for young black people to express themselves and learn from others,” says BYP blogger Edward James. Visit the new website at: