Black Men Ignored When They Go Missing, and Other News

By The News Apr 16, 2009

Immigrant Housecleaners in Economic Freefall The number of unemployed workers skyrocketed to a record 5.84 million this year. But what’s not included in that statistic is the number of laid-off undocumented domestic workers who are barely making ends meet, squatting in foreclosed homes and staying with friends. New American Media Mich. Muslim Group Calls for Investigation into FBI Spying The Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan sent a letter last week to Holder after several community members reported being approached with requests to watch people at mosques. They claim mostly those with pending immigration cases have been asked to spy in exchange for citizenship. LA Times Black Men Ignored in Missing Persons Media Frenzy In 2008, there were 614,925 people missing under the age of 18, but a large portion of them didn’t look like Laci Peterson. According to the National Crime Information Center, about 16 percent of missing youth were Black men. Seattle Medium Healthcare Firm Settles Spanish Language Discrimination Lawsuit Latino and Spanish-language workers accused their employer, the Skilled Healthcare Group Inc., of discrimination after the company enforced an English-only rule at the workplace. LA Times