Black Louisiana Senator ‘Excited’ That Voting Rights Act Was Gutted

By Brentin Mock Jun 26, 2013

State Sen. Elbert Lee Guillory, an African American legislator for Louisiana, was elated yesterday that the Supreme Court neutralized the Section Five provision of the Voting Rights Act. In a message sent last evening from his Facebook account, Sen. Guillory said he was "excited to read about the Supreme Court’s decision today striking down provisions of the Voting Rights Act."

Guillory changed parties from Democratic to Republican in recent months. Now he’s joined a league of a new black conservative world order that includes Herman Cain, E. W. Jackson, and Rev. C. L. Bryant. Among Guillory’s other Tweets yesterday were messages attacking President Barack Obama and calling global warming a "hoax," despite his own state dealing with some of the worst impacts of climate change of the past decade. 

In the video below, where Guillory explains why he became a Republican, he falsely identifies the party as the one that fought for voting rights for African Americans when it was Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Voting Rights Act bill that began a solid-anti civil rights legacy for Republicans that was cemented just a few years later with Republican’s Southern Strategy. He ends the video by claiming that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican even though this has been widely disproven

A recent interview Guillory did with Herman Cain, who the Louisiana legislator called his "hero" :