Black hate crimes; Katrina jobless struggle; Bush fights AIDS

By The News May 31, 2007

() *Starting today, RaceWire is bringing back its daily news digests that compiles top stories at the nexus of race, culture, policy, and the economy. Wanna have important, provocative discussion? Get your news and views here! Native Americans Oppose Martha Stewart Trademark. Latest battle over Native American icons. Martha Stewart’s attempt to trademark "Katonah" — a move that has already riled some of her village neighbors — has now upset some American Indians because the name originally belonged to a 17th-century chief. "If I wanted to trademark ‘Martha Stewart’ and put out a line of tea towels, she would have me in court very quickly," said Suzan Harjo, president of the Morning Star Institute, a national advocacy group. "She’d be saying, ‘You can’t use my name, that’s valuable, that belongs to me."’ –CBS News Many Katrina Evacuees Are Still Jobless. It’s about time the TIMES wrote this. Nineteen months after Hurricane Katrina sent evacuees from New Orleans streaming into Houston, more than 5,000 heads of households among them are still unemployed despite the city’s booming economy, officials say. – Do Blacks Kill Whites Because They’re White? Interesting polemic. Can Blacks be racist? They [White Supremacists] scream that the national press routinely clamps a wall of silence on black on white murder cases because it fears inflaming racial tensions, and is scared stiff that it will be called racist for talking up black on white crimes. Yet when whites assault or murder blacks the press and civil rights leaders supposedly leap over each other to blare it out as headline news. – Anti-immigrant in Black Face. It’s not what you think. Worse. The picture in the ad immediately caught my attention. The photo was of a very dignified older African American man looking into the camera, very determined and equally pensive. Underneath his photo was a caption giving his name — T. Willard Fair — and the fact that he was the veteran of 40 years of struggle in the Civil Rights Movement. –Black Bush calls on Congress to double global AIDS spending. There’s hope. President Bush called Wednesday for a doubling of overseas AIDS spending by proposing a $30 billion, five-year extension of his emergency relief program that has brought antiviral drugs to more than 1 million people since it was started in 2003. –SF Chronicle