Black Cinema-Focused Blog ‘Shadow and Act’ Has a New Home

By Sameer Rao May 03, 2016

As of yesterday (May 2), African diaspora-focused film and television blog "Shadow and Act" has a new home at its own website.

The celebrated blog’s future laid in limbo after Penske Media purchased Indiewire, its former host website, in January. Like other Indiewire-affiliated blogs, Shadow and Act was not included in the sale. 

Filmmaker and Shadow and Act founder Tambay A. Obenson described his hopes for a relaunched blog in a candid post last month:

I really believe that there’s a need and public want for a web presence the likes of which I summarized above, and that it could be very successful if properly run; especially in a time when issues like "diversity" are cause célèbre here in the USA specifically; although, as we’ve covered on this blog, you’ll find very similar conversations being had across countries in Europe, countries in South America and continental Africa, as well as our neighbors up north, Canada—regions all over the world where people of color are still unfortunately woefully underrepresented in cinema (in front of and behind the camera), and effectively marginalized. If relaunched, it could be a well-run global brand accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world, that we can all be proud of, and will be extremely pleased to know exists.

Now, as Obenson announced in posts last Friday (April 29) and yesterday, that new website exists at