Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Reinstates Angela Davis’ Award

By Sameer Rao Jan 25, 2019

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute‘s (BCRI) board of directors announced today (January 25) that it voted to restore Angela DavisFred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award. The organization faced backlash and internal dissention after previously rescinding the honor—a decision Davis and allies attributed to the racial justice activist’s support for Palestinians’ rights. The board’s new statement references the public apology it issued Davis on January 14 for offering and revoking the award.

"Immediately after that public apology, in keeping with its commitment to learning from its mistakes and in order to stay true to the BCRI’s founding mission, the board voted to reaffirm Dr. Davis as the recipient," the statement reads. "Dr. Davis was immediately thereafter personally invited to reaccept the award. The BCRI respects her privacy and timing in whatever her response may ultimately be."