Bill Blocks Native American Abortions; Latinos Want Citizenship in Time to Vote

By The News Mar 07, 2008

New Bill Blocks Native American Women’s Right to Abortions The Senate last week voted on a health care bill that prohibits the use of federal dollars to fund abortions for Native Americans except in rare cases. AlterNet. Immigrants Sue for Citizenship in Time to Vote Latino immigrants in New York, Thursday, filed a lawsuit in hopes of spurring stalled naturalization petitions to have citizenship in November for the election. New York Times. Immigration Still an Important Issue Amid the presidential election, immigration reform will once again be addressed in Congress. This time will not be as big as the previous attempt at reform, but the Congressional Hispanic Caucus hopes to make some progress and take something back to their communities. Politico. Ethnicity and Patriotism In response to criticism of Michelle Obama’s patriotism, Sunil Adam writes about the history of ethnic minorities around the world and their allegiance to a nation. New America Media.