Big News Obama; Texas A&M Gets First Latina President

By The News Jan 04, 2008

Obama Shows Black Candidate Can Win Obama had a 95% victory in the Iowa caucus last night and also received the 57% of the vote of the under-30 years crowd. Obama also captured 35% of the vote for women caucus-goers, 5% higher than Clinton. Associated Press. Murano becomes first Hispanic to lead A&M Replacing Robert Gates, now U.S. Secretary of Defense, Elsa Murano, will become the first female Hispanic President of Texas A&M University. Before entering the position, Murano was the university’s Dean of Agriculture. Houston Chronicle. Study: Circumcision Does Not Protect Black, Latino Gays From HIV A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that while black men who have sex with other men are more likely to be circumcised than Latinos, there is no correlation between HIV status and circumcision for either groups. The study was based off the findings of 2,235 black and Latino men. The Advocate.