Biblical Creationism for Louisiana Schools, HIV Testing for the Bronx

By The News Jun 30, 2008

Jindal Passes "Stealth Creationism" Bill SB 733, better known as the stealth-creationist "Lousiana Science Education Act," was signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal, with the support of other state Democrats. Alongside global warming, evolution, and cloning, state-supported religious creationist materials will be made available to area schools. The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) Obama, McCain In Agreement Over Immigration Reform? In their renewed efforts to court Latin@ voters, candidates unite over a needed revision of U.S. immigration policy, even as they emphasize the flaws in each other’s proposed policies. The LA Times Local and National Officials Focus on HIV Testing in NYC Borough The New York City Department of Health announces the kickoff of an "ambitious campaign" to test every adult in the Bronx for H.I.V. While officials cite high death rates from AIDS as motivation, community members express mixed emotions.The New York Times Supreme Court upholds Right to Bear Arms Washington D.C’s 1976 ban on handguns was overturned last Thursday by the U.S. Supreme Court, marking the "first definitive pronouncement on gun rights in the country’s history." Justice Scalia references the ban as infringing the safety of the home, while presidential candidate McCain likens gun ownership to "a fundamental right – sacred, just [like] the right to free speech and assembly."Al Jazeera