Beyond Frida Kahlo: Latin American Art in the U.S. (Listen)

By Jamilah King Aug 29, 2014

Award-winning writer Daniel Alarcón talked with art critic Carolina Miranda for Radio Ambulante about the dilemma’s facing Latino artists in the United States. From PRI:

Although Carolina covers a myriad of topics -from Islamic Art exhibitions to video game documentaries–  she is also playing a major role in helping put a spotlight on Latino and Latin American art. For example, in one of her first articles for [Los Angeles Times blog] ‘Culture: High & Low’ she discusses the work of photographer Ricardo Valverde, arguing that he should be considered "a critical part of the L.A. artistic canon." In another article for the blog, Carolina writes about what the 9/11 museum can learn from two memorials in South America.

Read more and listen to the interview here.