Beyoncé Lights the Way for All Her Single Ladies

New survey reports that women of color overwhelmingly want society to adapt to their real lives.

By Carla Murphy Jan 13, 2014

Because of her latest proclamation, lots of folks are again trying to figure out Yoncé’s brand of feminism. While that scintillating debate happens however, Bey does her "Single Ladies" a solid and points the way to a fascinating new survey about the needs and wants of ordinary women of color. One eye-opening highlight: Women of color overwhelmingly want society to adapt to the realities of contemporary family structures.  

Nearly 9 in 10 African American women–87 percent–and more than three quarters of Latina women–76 percent–agree with the statement, "Government should set a goal of helping society adapt to the reality of single-parent families and use its resources to help children and mothers succeed regardless of their family status." 

The survey of 3,500 Americans by the Center for American Progress is noteworthy because it oversamples for African American and Latina views. Check it out, as well as its companion, the third annual Shriver Report about the state of all American women. That’s where you’ll find Bey’s essay, "Gender Equality is a Myth!"