Today’s love goes to a special lady named Franchesca Ramsey who’s gotten a lot of attention today with her video "Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls."

Ramsey has been publishing videos on YouTube for several years now and she is brilliant at figuring out how to make complex subjects more accessible through art and humor. In the video above she takes inspiration from Beyoncé’s "Countdown" music video and talks about a subject young people of every color in the U.S. know all too well: student loans.

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics from Ramsey’s video that was originally released in October 2011:

Oh my credit is dropping
and they still keep calling
nothing else has changed
I can’t pay you
Oh you must be crazy,
payments are monthly
no can’t do this on my own sallie mae, I can’t pay off my student loans

they’re calling me at 10
i’m strssing on the 9
I’ve barely even 8
i’m not so lucky 7
they ring again at 6
let me call you back in 5
what are they looking 4
i’m trying to pay all 3
called my mother 2
but i’m not the only 1

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