BET Paying Black Actors Less Than White Actors

If BET doesn't pay black actors fairly, who will?

By Jorge Rivas Nov 15, 2010

***UPDATE: Tuesday, 11/16/2010 4:38pm***
BET contacted us with the following statement:

As a matter of policy, BET does not engage in public discussions about salaries or similar private matters with its artists. However, out of our deep respect and appreciation for the talent and hard work of the entire cast and crew of The Game, we cannot allow such inaccurate reports to go uncorrected. To be clear, there is no disparity in salaries among the cast of The Game. We continue to look forward to bringing new episodes to the loyal fans of this series on 1/11/11.

Earlier this year the U.S. Census Bureau released a study that found African Americans earn just 57.9 cents for every dollar earned by whites. And this is true for working actors in the entertainment industry also, even those working for Black Entertainment Network (BET). is reporting a white actress on BET’s "The Game" is making twice as much as some of her black castmates. Actress Brittany Daniel is making $75,000 an episode, while the second highest paid actress, Tia Mowry who is a much more seasoned actress makes $50,000 an episode.

Differences in the salaries amongst actors in the same casts is nothing new — "The Sopranos," "Sex & the City" and the cast of Friends all went through money talks. Before their very public negotiation fight with NBC in 2002, the cast of "Friends" banded together to demand equal pay, ultimately netting each castmember $1 million per episode. 

But in this case, "The Game" has a clear main protagonist played by Tia Mowry who is black and making $25,000 less than a white supporting actress.

You can’t help but wonder, if BET doesn’t pay black actors fairly, who will?