Best of Bernie Sanders: The Disease of Greed

Got a favorite selection from Friday's #filibernie?

By Kai Wright Dec 13, 2010

All of us at ColoLines were glued to our computers Friday as we watched [Sen. Bernie Sanders’ incredible, eight-hour truth telling session]( on the Senate floor. He was nominally taking on the Obama-McConnell tax cut deal. But Sanders’ speech was actually an essential, clear-eyed dissection of the remarkably unjust–and thus unsustainable–economy we have built over the past two decades. Josh Harkinson at Mother Jones offered some of his own [greatest excerpts]( this weekend. But the video above, which began making the Web rounds before the speech was even over, is one of my favorites. In it, Sanders goes to what I believe to be the heart of the matter: the disease of greed. Got a favorite excerpt of your own? Shout it out in the comments.