Best of 2011’s Love: 67 Sueños and the Undocumented Majority

Another choice from our Facebook fans' favorite Celebrate Love posts of 2011: Everyday immigrant youth dreaming of--and working to get--the education they deserve.

By Hatty Lee Dec 20, 2011

We close each day on a positive note with our Celebrate Love posts. So as the 2011 year comes to a close, we wanted to end it with our favorite Love stories of the year. We culled through the stories that were shared the most on Facebook, and chose our fave 5 stories from the list. We will be featuring a post everyday this week, in no particular order.

Today we have "67 Sueños Show Love for an Undocumented Majority." There are many immigrant youth hustling to get a good education amidst tough barriers, and their voices can go unheard. 67 Sueños shares their stories with us. We love that our readers love our Celebrate Love series as much as we do. Enjoy!


#2 67 Sueños Show Love for an Undocumented Majority
by Jamilah King

Over at New America Media’s Youth Outlook, Josue Rojas and Ann Bassette bring us the tale of 67 Sueños, a youth-led collective based in Oakland that strives to tell the stories of everyday young people who are often left out of the national narrative on immigration reform.

The group’s name is a response to a recent report put out by the Migration Policy Institute, which estimates that 67 percent of undocumented youth and young adults wouldn’t qualify for the DREAM Act. Given that stark statistic, the collective’s working to give voice to folks who are neither criminals nor class valedictorians. "Our young folks don’t want to be separated from their one cousin who did get a 4.0," says one of the group’s founders. "The struggle is the same struggle, and one deportation in that family effects the entire family."


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