Beauty and the Beast: New Movement Creates ‘ICE-Free Zones’ Across U.S.

By Shani Saxon Mar 04, 2020

Grassroots organization Mijente officially launched its “Freedom of Movement” campaign on March 3 in partnership with Lush Cosmetics. The goal of the initiative is to “raise awareness about the broken and inhumane immigration system in the United States,” according to a statement from the group. 

Lush stores across the United States will be transformed into “ICE-free zones,” featuring a logo created by visual artist Justin Nguyen that “mark the stores as safe spaces for the undocumented community,” the statement says. 

Colorlines spoke to Mijente Campaigns Director Priscilla González about the need for “Freedom of Movement,” which will raise funds for other organizations fighting for migrant rights by selling custom "Mi Casa Es Tu Casa" soap from Lush: 

Why did MIjente’s choose to partner with Lush Cosmetics for this campaign?

We wanted to partner with Lush to reach new audiences and raise awareness about how we need to break with the current immigration paradigm that criminalizes people—particularly Black and brown—who come to the U.S. in search of opportunity. Migration is part of the human experience. We chose our call to action because the New Way Forward Act honors that by putting dignity and racial justice at the center of federal legislation.

Over the past year, we have worked with Lush to ensure we have the right message and call to action but more importantly, ensuring Lush had direct input from the local grassroots organizations doing the work—and that those organizations would directly benefit from the proceeds. Some of the local organizations involved include Siembra, OCAD, GLAHR, Puente and others. Lush was incredibly receptive and invested with Mijente members over the last year during campaign development. 

What is your team hoping to accomplish with “Freedom of Movement”?

We aim to reach new audiences and [bring visibility to] the problems with the U.S. immigration system, provide a tangible call to action, base build and grow our membership. This partnership creates space for momentum and organizing critical to move the ball forward on this issue.

In what ways can people take action now and fight against the Trump administration’s harsh immigration policies? 

People can [ask] Congress to roll back the harsh immigration laws that enabled the Trump administration’s abuses against immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. People can also visit the brick and mortar [Lush] stores to engage with the displays, purchase limited-time campaign products, and meet Mijente members who will be tabling on site and engaging with customers. 

What has been the response to the campaign so far?

Both our members and Mijente allies have shown a lot of excitement about the campaign. We’ve felt tremendous solidarity from Lush stores, managers, employees—it’s wonderful to see a company take a stand on such an important issue and use their platform to amplify that message.