Bay Area Peacekeepers Fight City Violence With Love

Gonzalo Rucobo takes an hands on approach in creating alternatives to violence in Richmond, CA.

By Thoai Lu Jun 17, 2011

New America Media brought to light a community hero who has been working to keep the peace in Richmond since 2005. Gonzalo Rucobo founded Bay Area Peacekeepers with Valerie Arce to provide violence prevention programs for youth year-round.

Today’s love goes to BAP, for providing life skills and hands-on experience to youth members who have been involved in shootings and those who are potential shooters. The nonprofit organization became legitimized since it has received funding from CalGRIP, and is unique of its kind for providing services year-round.

Rucobo used to be engaged in gun violence himself and came to a turning point when his wife and two young children were shot at. Now, as the President/Executive Director of BAP, he hopes that to expand its services to other parts of the Bay Area.

"It’s me opening my life… to share my fears and the things that I went through and the things I’m going through today," Rucobo said, "’cause what I’m going through at my age now, they will be my age at some point, and that will click when they get to that problem later on."

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