Bank of America Called Out for Racial Discrimination, and Other News

By The News Jun 25, 2009

FL Community Group Launches Campaign Against Bank of America The Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition is staging a hunger strike in protest of the bank’s discriminatory lending practices to borrowers of color. VA Crash Victim’s Family Harassed Over Mother’s Immigration Status The family of a Salvadorean immigrant killed in Monday’s Metro crash says they are being harassed by anonymous phone callers who accuse the family of using the grievance money to gain citizenship for one of their family members. Attorney General Calls for Review of Cocaine Laws Eric Holder said at a legal discussion hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus on Wednesday, “This administration firmly believes that the disparity in crack and powdered cocaine sentences is unwarranted. It must be eliminated.” ACLU Criticizes Mich. School Discipline The ACLU of Michigan has released a report titled "Reclaiming Michigan’s Throwaway Kids: Students Trapped in the School-to-Prison Pipeline," which documents a pattern in Michigan schools that disproportionately disciplines students of color through expulsions and suspensions without considering the long-term impacts of these measures.