Bank of America Buckles, Sit-In Continues; ICE Raid Tactics Too Violent

By The News Dec 10, 2008

Bank to Lend Credit, Sit-In Continues Bank of America, the creditor of a Chicago plant where laid-off employees are conducting a sit-in to demand severance pay, said Tuesday that it would extend loans to the factory so it could resolve the dispute, but the workers declared their protest unfinished. Los Angeles Times. Foundation Focuses Efforts on Black Men in the South "Statistics on racial disparities in education, health care and wealth are nothing new, but a report by a foundation is being used as a call to government and business for a focused strategy on easing the plight of black men across the South." Commercial Appeal. Groups Call Driver’s License Requirements Institutionalized Racism "Urging an end to driver’s license requirements that are causing hardships for thousands of immigrants, lawmakers and civil rights groups in Austin on Tuesday called the policy institutionalized racism that could make Texas roads more dangerous." El Paso Times. Tactics Used in U.S. Raids Draw Claims of Brutality "Advocates for immigrants here demanded an investigation Tuesday into a series of federal raids last month that they said left at least six Guatemalan men bloodied and bruised in a roundup of nearly 100 people." New York Times.