B-Boy Richard ‘Crazy Legs’ Colón Delivers Clean Drinking Water to Puerto Ricans in Need

By Sameer Rao Oct 02, 2017

Artists with roots in Puerto Rico including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Luis Fonsi have committed personal resources to aid ongoing post-hurricane relief in the commonwealth. One such artist, b-boy ambassador Richard "Crazy Legs" Colón, explained his new effort to create sustainable clean water systems to NPR‘s "Weekend Edition" yesterday (October 1).

The Bronx native, who co-founded the Rock Steady Crew dance collective in late-1970s New York City, tells NPR that he launched the Rock Steady for Life initiative to raise money for water filtration systems in areas cut off from basic essentials by hurricane damage. He visited Puerto Rico on Friday (September 29) with Waves for Water, one of the campaign’s main partners, to oversee the clean water advocacy organization’s demonstrations to aid workers on how to build inexpensive water filtration systems.

Per NPR’s audio: 

Waves For Water leader Rob McQueen shows them how to create water filtration systems out of very simple materials: a plastic bucket, a rubber hose and a small plastic filter that purifies the water from biological contamination.


On Monday (October 2), Colón and the team will deliver 300 of these water filtration systems and buckets to the more isolated areas in the northwest part of the island. The idea is to train local leaders to show others how to use them.

The Rock Steady for Life campaign’s GoFundMe.com page has already raised more than $41,000 towards its $50,000 goal as of press time. Those funds will support the distribution of these water filtration systems throughout Puerto Rico, as well as other relief efforts as coordinated through the Boys & Girls Club of Isabela, the town where Colón lives when he’s not in New York City or on tour.

Listen to the full interview below: