Azealia Banks Tries, and Fails, to Defend Her Use of a Gay Slur

By Jamilah King Feb 10, 2015

Azealia Banks has been in, and courted, many, many Twitter beefs. And while on Twitter, she’s casually dropped the word "faggot" often enough that fans and critics alike have taken issue. But during an interview with Xorje Olivares on Sirius XM, she tried to explain why she won’t stop using the word. "When I use the word ‘faggot,’ it comes from a feminist point of view," she told the radio host. Listen below:

Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak pretty much nailed it when he wrote about Bank’s use of the word a couple years back. " This time, [her use of the word] immediately struck me as an overly comfortable invocation of an epithet that is not hers to reclaim, a sign that she considers herself so down that she is allowed to say what most people are not."

But since then, as Michael* Arceneaux writes at The Root, Banks’ shtick has gotten old and her defenses are often contradictory.

"Banks can complain about white gay media all she wants, but I am very much black and I am someone who has monetarily supported her. And based on what she says about gay men, I’m with them. She makes constant homophobic comments, and she cannot hide behind cries of sexism in defense. Yes, some gay men are very much misogynistic, and that is a problem. Even so, when you compare men to women in order to insult them, what does that say about you?"

Arceneaux’s entire column is worth a good read

*Post has been updated to correct writer Michael Arceneux’s name.