Azealia Banks Sings Label Woes on New Track ‘Chasing Time’

By Jamilah King Sep 24, 2014

Azealia Banks released a new track this week from her long-awaited debut LP "Broke With Expensive Taste," and it’s fantastic. The track features Banks’ vocals over a killer house beat, one that Dee Lockett at Salon called her "best song in years."

Banks also uses the track to talk freely about her highly-publicized label woes: "My attitude is bitchy but you already knew that/ And since we can’t get along, I think we should both move along," she raps. After being released from Universal earlier this year, Banks said in an interview with the Guardian that she was fed up with being micromanaged by industry heads who knew nothing about her work. "I’m tired of having to consult a group of old white guys about my black girl craft. They don’t even know what they’re listening for or to."

Looks like that black girl craft is as strong as ever.

(h/t Flavorwire)